Are weddings performed at the Chapel?

What is required for a Chapel wedding?

How do I go about reserving the Chapel?

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Weddings at Chapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage and thank you for your interest in getting married here.  We are happy to make our Chapel available for weddings, it is part of the Catholic Parish of St. John Vianney in Sedona.

Getting Started

  • If you are a member of our Parish, please call and make an appointment with Deacon Dennis to begin the process. A date cannot be entered into the calendar until you have completed the Pre-nuptial Inquiry (PNI).  Remember, that if you are a resident of the Diocese of Phoenix, a wedding cannot be scheduled less than nine months after your initial appointment with Deacon Dennis.
  • If you do not reside in our parish, please contact your local parish to begin the marriage preparation process. We can reserve the Chapel only after we have received a letter from whoever you are working with that you have begun the marriage preparation process in your parish/diocese.  Your completed marriage folder must be received by the Tribunal of the Diocese of Phoenix, one month prior to your marriage.  If you are traveling to Sedona from another country your completed file must be forwarded 60 days in advance of your wedding.

Who can be Married Here

Any couple who can get married in the Catholic Church is welcome to be married at the Chapel of the Holy Cross.  In the Diocese of Phoenix, outdoor weddings are not permitted.

Times for Weddings

Because of the nature of the Chapel as a shrine, weddings can only be held after 5:00 p.m., Tuesday through Fridays.  Because there is no heat or air conditioning, weddings are only allowed from mid-October through November and March through May.

Fees Associated with Weddings

Use of Church                                                                        $600.00 for registered parishioners of St. John Vianney Church ($200 deposit within thirty days of reservation)

                                                                                               $1,200.00 for those outside of the parish. ($200 deposit within thirty days of reservation)

Cantor/Pianist                                                                        $375

Rehearsal/Wedding Coordinator                                           $125

Celebrant                                                                                Couple’s discretion

Marriage License

A valid Arizona Marriage License can be obtained at the County Court House in Prescott, AZ or at the Clerk of the Superior Court in Camp Verde.  This is good for one year from the date of issue.

Contact for out-of-Parish Couples

Information on the status of your folder can be obtained from Deacon Dennis Sullivan at 

In-Parish Couples

Information on the entire process for couples resident in the Diocese of Phoenix can be found at:

God bless!

“Chapel of the Holy Cross is a sacred place that was meant to embrace the beauty that surrounds us and remind us that all beauty gives us a glimpse of the face of God.”
Father Kieran
Parish Priest


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