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St Joseph - Patron of the Universal Church and a Happy Death

St Joseph, the pure spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mother Mary and foster-father of our Blessed Lord, was descended from the royal house of David.  He is the “just man” of the New Testament, the lowly village carpenter of Nazareth, who among all men of the world was the one chosen by God to be the husband and protector of the Virgin Mother of Jesus Christ, God Incarnate. To his faithful, loving care was entrusted the childhood and youth of the Redeemer of the World.

Poor and obscure in this world’s possessions and honors, St Joseph was rich in grace and merit, and eminent before God in the nobility and beauty of holiness. Because St Joseph was the representative of the Eternal father on earth, the divinely appointed head of the Holy Family of God, the Church of Christ, on December 8, 1870. Pope Pius IX, solemnly proclaimed the foster-father of Jesus as Patron of the Universal Church, and from that time his feast has been celebrated on March 19 as one of high rank.

From his throne of glory in heaven, St Joseph watches over and protects the Church Militant, and no one who calls him in need ever calls in vain. He is the model of a perfect Christian life and the patron of a happy death. His patronage extends over the Mystical Body of Christ, the Christian family, the Christian school, and all individuals who in their need appeal to his charity and powerful intercession. Especially in the hour of death, for he who when dying, receives the affectionate ministry of his foster-Son, Jesus, and his Virgin spouse Mary, may well be trusted to obtain for us the mercy of God and the grace of a peaceful and holy death.


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